Gerald Cummins

Mr. Cummins has served as Chief Compliance Officer pursuant to an agreement between Oxford Funds and ACA Group (“ACA”) and, prior to their merger, Foreside Consulting Service, LLC (“Foreside”), compliance […]

Kristin Paul

Ms. Paul is the Director of Operations at Oxford Funds, LLC. She is responsible for trade settlement operations, middle office functions and compliance. Ms. Paul received her B.A. from Gordon […]

Sergio Giudici

Sergio Giudici is Head of Information Technology at Oxford Funds, LLC. Previously, he worked at Axiom Technology Group as a Network and Structure Engineer. Before joining Axiom, Mr. Giudici worked […]

Scott Ball

Mr. Ball is a Middle Office Associate of Oxford Funds, LLC. Previously, Mr. Ball was an Assistant Vice President on the Operations team at Anchorage Capital Group, LLC. Mr. Ball […]